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Insurance is a top five personal and business expense yet 99.9% of shoppers don’t know what to even ask.  Why would you purchase something so expensive and important without a low cost expert helping YOU not the insurance company?

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Nothing in life is free – neither is getting insurance quotes.  If you call someone or go online for a quote they are going to sell you what they have to sell.  

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The Insurance Game

Steven has written over 30,000 insurance policies over a long career as an insurance agency owner in multiple states.  He has represented over 250 different insurance companies so he knows the insurance game well.  You get your insurance prices and polcies in one of two ways:  you call an agent or go online and submit your information.  What you don’t know is many sites providing “free insurance quotes” aren’t even licensed insurance agents or companies.  They are quote engines that sell your leads and information to multiple agencies and individuals.  We can do that also, just click Free below and we will do that.  OR, check out our low cost services first.